Justine Tierolff

Spirit Artwork | custom spiritual artwork


*Important information about the price below. No ordering before reading please.

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A Spirit Artwork is a reflection of your soul and medicine in a custom painting, a reading in art form. In a personal reading/ ceremony on distance I gather information and mostly images about you that I need. Images will fall together and I will start seeing and feeling your true colours and spirit. The way it will look goes above and beyond your (and my) personal wishes, which is the fun part!

You can hang it up in a quiet space or set it up on your altar, and let it empower, anchor and remind you of your medicine in this world.

>>Bear in mind that €100,- is a minimum price and in most cases a down payment. Usually the prices range somewhere between €100,- and €250,-. An additional invoice will follow after completing the artwork. No surprises, all in good and clear consultation 🙂