Justine Tierolff
About me

Short bio
My name is Justine Tierolff, I was born in 1982 in Middelburg. I am mother to two daughters, and together with my partner the four of us live in Schoorl, The Netherlands. In 2016 we moved to Landsmeer after many years in Amsterdam, and in 2019 I started realising I wasn’t in place. (My) nature was calling and I felt a deep and almost painful urge to break free and follow my longings. We sold our house and travelled in our van. When we got back we landed in a beautiful, wooded area near the coast. Since three years we live in a kind of  ‘forest-cabin’ (my dream) on the edge of forest and dunes, and soon we will be moving into our own self-built wooden home, not far outside of Schoorl. A lot changed since we decided we wanted to live differently four years ago. The biggest change is my regained trust in – and zest for – life. And although it’s hard work at times, it’s an adventure. Which I can’t live without!

I initiated coaching in 2015. This was due to my mom, who – after I was having difficulty finding out what to do with my life – suddenly told me I’d be good at working with people, because that was what I was always naturally doing. A light switched on and I knew she was right. ‘Coaching’ was the thing I knew about, and I felt this was my way into somehow working with people. So I followed different courses and commenced coaching individuals and couples in my practice at home. There were very powerful and transformational moments in these sessions. But there was also insecurity and doubt within me, a fear of speaking the truth I always felt beneath the surface. I hit a wall approaching coaching from mostly my head because of this fear. In 2019 I wanted to abandon coaching for a while, which was confusing. But it was time to move from outward to inward.

Eagle Heart Feather
I stepped onto the Shamanic path in 2019 and made my first landing in circle and I got to know Tribe. I came home in ceremony, in the elements, in the Unseen; in the magic I remembered from being a kid. I started re-discovering myself and my medicine. After my first sweatlodge I received a spirit name, Eagle Heart Feather. In short this name means to state a sharp and clear truth, no matter the circumstance. The heart-feather of the eagle, in the middle of it’s chest, plays a crucial part in it’s navigation lead by the ‘unbending wind’. This unbending wind is a beautiful phrase for the divine force that flows through us, into the direction we need to take. That’s when we feel which way our energy flows, and in which direction it stalls. I can’t imagine navigating in a different way.

At some point mediumship & psychic reading crossed my path in several ways. This was a surprise to me, but I felt a strong pull. This was the start of my ongoing journey getting re-aquainted with my reading skills and getting comfortable in speaking out the subtitles and truth that are always present for me. Stepping onto this path made me realise why I had to make such a big loop, away from doing what I was doing. I was now finally able, equipped and ‘allowed’ to work with what I suppressed all my life; my sensitivity and thus, my Knowing. It all started to become fun. Magic keeps unfolding and I feel incredibly grateful for my path and my teachers a long the way (see below).

Magic in all things
I’m a spiritual alchemist. I’m a deep diver. I believe in transformation. I believe in the power of choice and intention. I trust in life, in people and I trust in our beautiful Earth. I feel a strong pull to certain places on Earth, and it’s important to me, my Soul, to answer to these calls in my lifetime, and retrieve what is meant for me. I believe our existence is layered and magic beyond words, and I believe the time has come for many people to wake-up to this magic. I feel honored to be able to be of help in these transitions.

I trust in life, in people and in our beautiful Earth

Courses & training

Psychic School 1+2, 2023, Not Your Average Psychic
North-American Shamanism 2019-2023, Lise Schimmel
Mediumschip 1+2, 2021-2022, Hemelswijs
Relatiecoach, 2016, Sonnevelt
Counseling & coaching, 2014-2015, ACC

Intuitive systemic coaching summerschool, 2022, Hylke Bonnema
1, 2022, Nederlof Centrum
Intuitive development cursus, 2019, Resonance
Mindfulness training, 2019, Lonneke Greven
Emotionally Focused Therapy training, 2017, EFT Nederland