Hey you,

I'm super happy to see you here, and grateful, for your curiosity about me, my life, or what I have to offer. I’ve taken down my coaching tabs from this website. The titles 'lifecoach' and 'relationship-coach' started feeling confining, and I felt I had to shed these titles in order to free myself and jump into the unknown. My journey now starts from point blank, with the promise to myself to listen to, and follow up on my curiosity and joy. Selling our house to live abroad with our two daughters, as a result of this, is an interesting plot-twist to say the least. My website currently offers my blogs, and my newest baby, The New Me Podcast, in which I'm wholeheartedly and joyfully tagging you a long on this exiting inner and outer journey.

An exiting reality

What I write and do reflects my real and honest journey, in which I celebrate the exiting, layered reality we live in. I choose to walk the spiritual, awoken path and I navigate through, and explore my way in, Shamanism and energy-work. Some questions I asked myself; what if there is no "real world" out there, that everyone talks about. What if I don't have to be a certain someone and do a certain job. What if I'm free to decide and reconsider my life choices at all time?

Huelgoat bos