Hey you,

Everything I do, write and say the coming time will be about my personal journey, weaved into the theme of womanhood, reviving the magic and joy in life, nurturing my sense of belonging and celebrating a reality that - I now know - has so many layers that it can't ever be boring again. I'm removing my focus from what I 'ought to' be doing to what feels right.

There's quite a bunch of unwritten 'rules' that I lived - or aimed to live - my everyday life by. Some questions I asked myself. What if there is no "real world" out there, that has awaited me to do things a certain way. What if I don't have to be a certain someone and do a certain job. What if I'm free to decide and reconsider my life choices at all time. What if I'm FREE.

"The seed of what the real world should be is in us, and from within is how we ought to create it. Now only to find the balls to stay true to that wisdom."

A blank canvas

I'm happy to see you here, and grateful for your curiosity about me, my life, or what I have to offer. I’ve taken down my coaching tabs from this website. The titles 'lifecoach' and 'relationship-coach' started feeling confining. Shedding these titles - that put me in a box - has felt liberating. My journey now starts from point blank, intending to follow what feels right and finding the courage to show and do new things. My website currently offers my (video)blogs, and my newest baby, The New Me Podcast, in which I take you on this journey with me (click here). A blank canvas is something to be filled with new things however, so expect some additions here and there in the (near) future, and probably some plot twists a long the way.