Justine Tierolff

Love insight | dm reading


Love insight, to give it a catchy name, is a dm (love)life reading. A quick, low-key, but high vibrational way to untangle the knot you’re in and get clarity in the challenges in your life and your relationships. Whether it be in your longterm partnership, in the relationship with your mother(-in-law), in your life as a single, in dating, co-parenting… Or your personal life, your purpose, your path, your work.. You name it. Wrong or weird questions don’t exist to me!

What does Love say on the matter?
What do(es) your Soul(s) say?

How it works:

  1. You send me a dm on Instagram ‘Yes, I’d like to receive Love Insight’*
  2. I reply with a link to complete payment
  3. You ask me your question in the Insta dm or Whatsapp
  4. I reply with a <>10 minute voice memo within 24 hrs
  5. You can reply again with a question, if necessary, and I of course answer.

*Don’t have Instagram? Send me a whatsapp message through the green button on the right.

Is there need for more correspondence and guidance, you can book a session or we can talk about a (short) Love Insight trajectory over whatsapp.