"Justine is warm, resolute and honest. I felt safe to breakthrough recurring, long lasting patterns."

Finding your centre over and over again

I coach and mentor in personal growth:

* Coming back to the middle; who am I again?
Life situations; dismantling patterns, navigating crossroads, relationships, finding your true path in whatever area that comes knocking

* Communication & connection; how to create an effective and therefor healing way of communicating and connecting?
Problems/ recurring issues in relation to others (lovers, loved ones, etc).

How do I work?


Intuitive coaching & mentorship

Online & outdoors

Dutch & English

Sessions & Mentorships

Session hourly rate: E85,- BTW/ tax included

Mentorship: 6 weeks/ 3 months/ 6 months. See all info below!

For questions, please don't hesitate to reach out through here:!

It doesn't really matter what the question is..

Nothing is separate. It comes down to coming back to your centre, time and time again, in any situation. Your centre is the place from where you know what is right. The funny part is that you carry all the answers. And I don't know anything! It is YOU that gives me all the necessary information I need to coach YOU in navigating to your centre. How do you do this? With your body-language, the things you say and through your energy-field. I use this information to function as a a soft barrier between your old patterns and your truest, centred self.

With a single session we get into the flow, with a mentorship we keep this flow going.


What I love about mentoring is the feeling of standing next to you in everyday life. Where we can forge the iron when it's hot. With the possibility to frequently check-in you will get insight in your patterns, and you will experience the difference between navigating in an old way; steered by (unconscious) limiting beliefs, and in a true way; steered by intuition and trust. It will become visible to you how you are standing in your own way in certain areas. You will learn to navigate to your centre, and thus from your centre - which is where growth starts manifesting. I function as a mirror, a red flag and as a cheerleading, empowering coach a long the way.

The goal? Living, connecting & creating from a feeling of freedom, joy & trust!

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Mentorship | 6 weeks

- me standing next to you for 6 weeks
- 2 deepening sessions of 1/1,5 hrs
- 2 flow sessions 45 min. each
- Check-in phone call 30 min.
- Mon-Fri access to me with whatsapp voice-messaging

BONUS: intuitive, personalised, original drawing by me!

1147,-**, pilot price until August 2021: €947,-!

*Sessions are online, one can be outdoors & in person if living nearby Schoorl
** This mentorship can be extended in different ways

>> Want to chat about it? Pls don't hesitate to contact me here: or +31642232646