"Shame dies when stories are told in safe places"

Finding the centre over and over again

We think and tell so many stories, and we play so many roles in our lives. These stories and roles often make it into the practice-space, and it's an opportunity for me as a coach to look through the stories and see what role is being played and why. I empower the person behind the role, by providing a space to drop it all and to come forward. It doesn't really matter what the question is, it all comes down to clicking back into the centre, time and time again, from where we autonomously know what feels right and empower ourselves to navigate from within again. Important for me to say is that I don't know sh*t, and you know it all, even though you maybe can't reach it or act on it. You give me all the necessary information I need to guide and navigate you to your centre and true path. You do this through body-language, communication, attitude and energy. And I use this time and time again, to function as a a soft barrier between old patterns and self-sabotage, and your truest Self.

Next to individual coaching I'm an experienced relationship coach. I don't focus on couples-coaching (anymore), but questions about problems in relation to others (lifepartners, family, co-workers, etc) are very welcome. In consultation there is possibility and space to all sit down together. A grounding meditation to kick off a session is not uncommon, often necessary, very relaxing ánd a short-cut to that centre! <3


Intuitive coaching & guidance

Online & outdoors

Dutch & English

E85,- per hour BTW/ tax included

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