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The New Me Podcast

I felt an urge to share the journey I'm on. To share it from my personal perspective, instead of as a coach. My podcast and my social media are a reflection of my journey, bumping into themes such as womanhood, belonging, cyclical awareness, reviving connection to the Otherworld(s) and embodiment (living it) in daily life. I got here because I felt I needed to reclaim my space and my feminine 'forces', and to free myself from anything I did for the wrong reasons. I'm drawn to being honest and open about things I encounter on my path as a woman, looking for ways to stretch my territory time and time again. A good start was to shed all the labels I thought I needed to carry around in order to be, what we call, successful.

"Let's zoom out a bit, trust, take chances and let's just do it for the fun of it"

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