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The New Me Podcast

I felt an urge to share the journey I'm on. And not to share it from a coach perspective, but my personal perspective, so that I feel no boundaries to what I can share. I consider myself an explorer in life and right now I feel I need to free myself of anything that feels confining. I'm drawn to being honest and open about things I encounter on my path as a woman, looking for ways to make space time and time again. And a good start was to shed all the labels I thought I needed to carry in order to be, what we call, successful.

"Let's zoom out a bit, let's trust, let's take a chance and let's have fun while at it."


"The feminine is stirring inside of you" is what my guiding shaman said to me after I told her about my heavy mood swings during my time of the month. After, I started realising I wasn't celebrating and nurturing my womanhood enough. In fact - confession - I haven't celebrated women enough at all in the past. In this podcast I intend to make up for that. I will speak to women that have a quality, a vibe, a way of being, that triggers and inspires me. They basically point out where I'm still playing small, and that's a very powerful mirror to look into. So expect some fun, motivating interviews about various subjects. I predict an open mind could come in handy.

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